Illusions of Love

As a teenager I experienced a fair amount of heartbreak.  Sometime after falling in love my partner would gradually lose interest, becoming distant and indifferent, and eventually deciding to call it off.  The breakup would leave me with a sense of despair and sometimes anger.  But I wanted to understand why.  I wanted to know … Continue reading Illusions of Love

Independent in Love

In a previous article entitled “Freedom in Relationships” I talked about the importance of respecting one another’s personal freedom by not imposing rules, restrictions and obligations.  I talked before about freedom in relationship.  Today I want to elaborate more on maintaining personal independence while in a relationship. What I mean is that so many of us look … Continue reading Independent in Love

Transitioning from Monogamy to an Open Relationship

Monogamy has been the social standard for romantic relationships for quite some time, but more and more people are beginning to realize that most of us just aren’t wired that way.  In fact, many so-called “monogamous” relationships aren’t truly monogamous when you examine them more deeply.  But having agreed to remain exclusive, our exploration of … Continue reading Transitioning from Monogamy to an Open Relationship

Compromising Your Relationship

The word “compromise” has two meanings.  The first describes compromise as a settlement between persons, in which those involved relinquish certain rights and behavior in order to appease one another.  The other defines compromise as “to endanger” something.  And I find both of these definitions quite fitting, because making compromises is a sure way to compromise … Continue reading Compromising Your Relationship

Dealing with Difficulties in Relationships

When it comes to romantic relationships one of the most common fantasies we have is that we’re going to find our perfect partner and live happily ever after.  We imagine a relationship in which everything runs smoothly, where there is no conflict, no agitation, no disappointment.  We imagine that every moment spent with our partner … Continue reading Dealing with Difficulties in Relationships

Why I Never Give My Partner Permission to Do Anything…

It is commonly believed that if you love and respect a person, you should allow them a certain amount of privilege.  While on the other hand, there’s also the old adage, “If you give someone an inch, they’ll take a mile.”   The “experts” say that there should be a balance.  They say that you should … Continue reading Why I Never Give My Partner Permission to Do Anything…