Restoring Balance Between the Masculine and Feminine

It would seem, in most cultures, that we derive much of our personal identity from our biological sex.  And in such cultures there are strong divisions between men and women regarding societal roles and behavior.  These gender roles are conditioned in us from such an early age that we grow to assume that they are natural.  … Continue reading Restoring Balance Between the Masculine and Feminine

Why Nice Guys Finish Last

There’s this idea in the dating world that “nice guys finish last”, or that women prefer jerks over nice guys.  And on the surface it does often seem to be this way.  But there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface than we care to realize, and I’d like to shed a little more … Continue reading Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Transitioning from Monogamy to an Open Relationship

Monogamy has been the social standard for romantic relationships for quite some time, but more and more people are beginning to realize that most of us just aren’t wired that way.  In fact, many so-called “monogamous” relationships aren’t truly monogamous when you examine them more deeply.  But having agreed to remain exclusive, our exploration of … Continue reading Transitioning from Monogamy to an Open Relationship

Compromising Your Relationship

The word “compromise” has two meanings.  The first describes compromise as a settlement between persons, in which those involved relinquish certain rights and behavior in order to appease one another.  The other defines compromise as “to endanger” something.  And I find both of these definitions quite fitting, because making compromises is a sure way to compromise … Continue reading Compromising Your Relationship