Spiritual Awakening is a Process

Have you begun to awaken only to discover that you still struggle with basic issues like anxiety and depression, attachment and dissatisfaction? For many people Spiritual Awakening is a gradual process of self discovery and realization. Somewhere along the way we've gotten this idea that one is either spiritually asleep or spiritually awake; that there's … Continue reading Spiritual Awakening is a Process

Suffering is a Valuable Teacher in Life

Suffering seems inevitable in life. But instead of trying to avoid it, can we find the willingness to accept it, and instead to discover what lessons it may have to teach us? Suffering can be a valuable teacher in life. And when I say that, it's not to suggest that we should try to create … Continue reading Suffering is a Valuable Teacher in Life

Spiritual Awakening – Feeling Lost, Aimless, Without a Clear Sense of Direction.

We grow up in a society that places a great emphasis on ambition and accomplishment. We're told to go out and make something of ourselves, to strive for success, to accomplish something great, to leave behind some legacy. Many people grow up carrying upon them the expectations of their parents, of the society, their whole … Continue reading Spiritual Awakening – Feeling Lost, Aimless, Without a Clear Sense of Direction.

From Loneliness to Aloneness

If you ever feel lonely, know that you’re not alone.  Loneliness is so prevalent it would seem as if it’s an inescapable human condition.  But what exactly is loneliness?  Where does it arise from and how is it overcome?  Loneliness is a deep pervading, and often unshakable feeling, a sense of disconnectedness, a craving for affection and companionship.    Loneliness is an overwhelming … Continue reading From Loneliness to Aloneness