Independent in Love

In a previous article entitled “Freedom in Relationships” I talked about the importance of respecting one another’s personal freedom by not imposing rules, restrictions and obligations.  I talked before about freedom in relationship.  Today I want to elaborate more on maintaining personal independence while in a relationship. What I mean is that so many of us look … Continue reading Independent in Love

In Search of a Soulmate.. In Search of Ourselves

There’s a lot of talk about soulmates, with definitions differing slightly from one to the next, but the conventional concept this; that for each of us there is one special person who we are destined to be with. Your soulmate is your perfect match, your ideal partner, the other half of your soul, the only … Continue reading In Search of a Soulmate.. In Search of Ourselves

Compromising Your Relationship

The word “compromise” has two meanings.  The first describes compromise as a settlement between persons, in which those involved relinquish certain rights and behavior in order to appease one another.  The other defines compromise as “to endanger” something.  And I find both of these definitions quite fitting, because making compromises is a sure way to compromise … Continue reading Compromising Your Relationship