Expectation Leads to Disappointment

The very definition of disappointment is the non-fulfillment of expectation, and so there is a clear relationship between these two. Disappointment can only come from expectation. And it's often said that if you have no expectations you'll have no disappointments. But expectation seems to arise spontaneously, and often even subconsciously, which is to say that … Continue reading Expectation Leads to Disappointment

How to Love EVERYONE… (Even Your Enemies)

There is this noble idea of universal unconditional love, that we should love not only those who love us, but even those who hate us, that we should love everyone without distinction. It's very easy to hate someone, but to love can be extremely challenging, especially when that person is difficult to tolerate. This idea … Continue reading How to Love EVERYONE… (Even Your Enemies)

Dealing with Difficulties in Relationships

When it comes to romantic relationships one of the most common fantasies we have is that we’re going to find our perfect partner and live happily ever after.  We imagine a relationship in which everything runs smoothly, where there is no conflict, no agitation, no disappointment.  We imagine that every moment spent with our partner … Continue reading Dealing with Difficulties in Relationships

Developing Emotional Immunity in the Face of Negative Energy

In an ideal world everyone is kind to one another.  Everyone treats one another with the utmost love and respect.  But ours is not an ideal world.  Ours is a world teaming with people who are rude, angry, critical, and downright mean.  And oftentimes, such negativity comes unwarranted and unprovoked, and it catches us off … Continue reading Developing Emotional Immunity in the Face of Negative Energy