Understanding FEAR

Fear is an intense emotion which seems to rule our lives.  It keeps us stuck.  It influences our behavior and decisions in ways that often cause more harm than good.  And often it seems unshakable.  We try to manage it, to suppress it, to escape it, but it creeps back in.  The problem with these … Continue reading Understanding FEAR

Can We Ever Find Security in Anything?

What does it mean to be secure, and is security possible?  We talk about security in a number of contexts such as financial security, national security, security in relationships and so on.  But what does it really mean to be secure? To secure something means to get a hold of it in such a way … Continue reading Can We Ever Find Security in Anything?

Compromising Your Relationship

The word “compromise” has two meanings.  The first describes compromise as a settlement between persons, in which those involved relinquish certain rights and behavior in order to appease one another.  The other defines compromise as “to endanger” something.  And I find both of these definitions quite fitting, because making compromises is a sure way to compromise … Continue reading Compromising Your Relationship

Why I Never Give My Partner Permission to Do Anything…

It is commonly believed that if you love and respect a person, you should allow them a certain amount of privilege.  While on the other hand, there’s also the old adage, “If you give someone an inch, they’ll take a mile.”   The “experts” say that there should be a balance.  They say that you should … Continue reading Why I Never Give My Partner Permission to Do Anything…