How to Apologize

Apologizing seems simple enough, but there's more to it than merely saying “I'm sorry.” An apology is not only an expression of regret. It should also come with the sincere intention to correct one's behavior. When we apologize we should understand clearly what we're apologizing for, otherwise our words will be empty of meaning. If … Continue reading How to Apologize

Be a Space for Your Partner to Open Up & Grow

Often when we’re in relationship, we’re in it for ourselves.  We see our partner as someone whose job it is to fulfill our every need.  And when things aren’t working out the way we would like them to, we expect the other person to change, to come more into alignment with what we imagine the … Continue reading Be a Space for Your Partner to Open Up & Grow

Doing Relationships Differently – Conscious Relationships

Today I want to talk about  the purpose in relationship.  Why do we seek it?  Why do we need it?  How does it serve us? Now, most of us don’t really think about this at all.  We meet someone... there is a mutual attraction… we “fall in love”… we lose ourselves in the passion and excitement… … Continue reading Doing Relationships Differently – Conscious Relationships