The Biggest Mistake Single People Make

If you're single it's likely that you spend a great deal of time, not only thinking about finding a partner, but also actively looking for a partner. You might go out to clubs or bars hoping to make connections, or just browse through profiles on a dating site. And then there's all those dates, many … Continue reading The Biggest Mistake Single People Make

Dealing with Rejection

So there's someone you find attractive and you finally work up the courage to tell them only to be rejected. It feels like you've been punched in the heart and you can't understand why they don't see you as desirable and worthy of their affection. And if it happens over and over again you might … Continue reading Dealing with Rejection

From Loneliness to Aloneness

If you ever feel lonely, know that you’re not alone.  Loneliness is so prevalent it would seem as if it’s an inescapable human condition.  But what exactly is loneliness?  Where does it arise from and how is it overcome?  Loneliness is a deep pervading, and often unshakable feeling, a sense of disconnectedness, a craving for affection and companionship.    Loneliness is an overwhelming … Continue reading From Loneliness to Aloneness