Relationship Expectations, Reality & Disappointment

“My partner isn't the same person they were when I met them.” or “How can I get my partner to change?” These are the kinds of questions we often ask. But are we not seeing the full picture? And are we focused on trying the change the wrong person? Expectations lead to disappointment, and this … Continue reading Relationship Expectations, Reality & Disappointment

How to Accept an Apology

I wanna talk today about how to accept an apology. This may seem like a very simple thing, but often we go about it all wrong. What we have to understand is that an apology has two intentions. One is the intention to correct one's behavior. The other is to make amends with the person … Continue reading How to Accept an Apology

Why You Haven’t Found Your Soulmate… and Likely Never Will

According to a recent survey, roughly 73% of the (U.S.) population believes in soulmates.  That is, we believe there is one special person who we’re meant to be with for the rest of our lives.  But more than this, we believe that this person will be our perfect match in every way.  And we will … Continue reading Why You Haven’t Found Your Soulmate… and Likely Never Will