Spiritual Awakening is a Process

Have you begun to awaken only to discover that you still struggle with basic issues like anxiety and depression, attachment and dissatisfaction? For many people Spiritual Awakening is a gradual process of self discovery and realization. Somewhere along the way we've gotten this idea that one is either spiritually asleep or spiritually awake; that there's … Continue reading Spiritual Awakening is a Process

What is Spirituality?

There is so much mystery and misunderstanding around the words “spiritual” and “spirituality”, and I was going to make an attempt to clarify what it is we're talking about here. But as I sat down to write, over and over again, I found it to be a very difficult task. Our language is often limited … Continue reading What is Spirituality?

Why Is There So Much Conflict in the World?

Human civilization has existed for some 10,000 years and in all that time we have been killing one another, raping, stealing, exploiting one another, and destroying the natural ecosystem which supports our very existence.  No other species behaves so recklessly.  No other species is so systematically self-destructive. Religions have not solved the problem.  Governments have … Continue reading Why Is There So Much Conflict in the World?