Insecurity in Relationships

Every relationship has its challenges.  And we often find ourselves overwhelmed, unable to resolve tensions, and in some cases making the situation worse.  We tend think of these challenges as problems to be solved or even escaped.  But in order to make any progress, it’s important to understand how these issues arise.  We need to … Continue reading Insecurity in Relationships

Independent in Love

In a previous article entitled “Freedom in Relationships” I talked about the importance of respecting one another’s personal freedom by not imposing rules, restrictions and obligations.  I talked before about freedom in relationship.  Today I want to elaborate more on maintaining personal independence while in a relationship. What I mean is that so many of us look … Continue reading Independent in Love

The Spiritual Freethinker

Calling oneself a “Spiritual Freethinker” might seem a contradiction in terms, since “freethought” is generally equated with Atheism.  In fact, I was once declined membership into a “Freethought” organization because on the application I answered “yes” to the question, “Do you believe in a supernatural being (i.e. ‘God’)?” I was actually quite surprised by this.  … Continue reading The Spiritual Freethinker

The Fine Line Between Spirituality and Delusion

I’m one of those people who consider themselves “Spiritual, but not Religious”.  And what I mean by this is that while I am open to exploring the realms of consciousness and connectivity, I have no interest in doctrines and dogmas. The basic difference between spirituality and religion is that spirituality is about direct personal experience, … Continue reading The Fine Line Between Spirituality and Delusion