The Paradox of Self-Judgment

One of the things that holds us back from stepping into our power and living in the flow is self-judgment. Most of the insecurity and anxiety we experience which blocks our authenticity, our creativity, our ability to embrace life with joy can be traced back to the beliefs we have concerning ourselves, our lack of … Continue reading The Paradox of Self-Judgment

How to Apologize

Apologizing seems simple enough, but there's more to it than merely saying “I'm sorry.” An apology is not only an expression of regret. It should also come with the sincere intention to correct one's behavior. When we apologize we should understand clearly what we're apologizing for, otherwise our words will be empty of meaning. If … Continue reading How to Apologize

Why Is There So Much Conflict in the World?

Human civilization has existed for some 10,000 years and in all that time we have been killing one another, raping, stealing, exploiting one another, and destroying the natural ecosystem which supports our very existence.  No other species behaves so recklessly.  No other species is so systematically self-destructive. Religions have not solved the problem.  Governments have … Continue reading Why Is There So Much Conflict in the World?