Are You Awake? – (Spiritual Awakening)

It would seem that in our current age more people are waking up than ever before in the history of mankind. It's hard to know whether there is indeed an increase in awakening, or if it's just become more noticeable, more acceptable to talk about it. But perhaps the very fact that it's become so acceptable … Continue reading Are You Awake? – (Spiritual Awakening)

Understanding FEAR

Fear is an intense emotion which seems to rule our lives.  It keeps us stuck.  It influences our behavior and decisions in ways that often cause more harm than good.  And often it seems unshakable.  We try to manage it, to suppress it, to escape it, but it creeps back in.  The problem with these … Continue reading Understanding FEAR

The Fine Line Between Spirituality and Delusion

I’m one of those people who consider themselves “Spiritual, but not Religious”.  And what I mean by this is that while I am open to exploring the realms of consciousness and connectivity, I have no interest in doctrines and dogmas. The basic difference between spirituality and religion is that spirituality is about direct personal experience, … Continue reading The Fine Line Between Spirituality and Delusion