Are You Awake? – (Spiritual Awakening)

It would seem that in our current age more people are waking up than ever before in the history of mankind. It's hard to know whether there is indeed an increase in awakening, or if it's just become more noticeable, more acceptable to talk about it. But perhaps the very fact that it's become so acceptable … Continue reading Are You Awake? – (Spiritual Awakening)

A Spiritual Perspective on Gender Nonconformity

Gender nonconformity, or gender variance, is an umbrella term which covers a wide variety of behaviors that deviate from social or biological norms concerning one’s birth gender.  The most familiar (and controversial) of these is homosexuality, which is defined as romantic and/or sexual attraction, or sexual interaction between members of the same biological gender.  And … Continue reading A Spiritual Perspective on Gender Nonconformity