Understanding FEAR

Fear is an intense emotion which seems to rule our lives.  It keeps us stuck.  It influences our behavior and decisions in ways that often cause more harm than good.  And often it seems unshakable.  We try to manage it, to suppress it, to escape it, but it creeps back in.  The problem with these … Continue reading Understanding FEAR

When to Say “You’re Welcome”

I’ve often noticed a very interesting thing take place when someone receives a compliment.  Most people will usually respond by saying “thank you”.  But there was a time not so long ago when the common response would have been “you’re welcome.”  And I often suggest to people that we return to that response. Now I’ve … Continue reading When to Say “You’re Welcome”


The ego is that function of consciousness by which we identify with the mind and the material body, the material world and our roles within it.  It sustains in us the illusion of duality.  It is the very idea that we are separate from the creation, separate from one another, and separate from God.  But … Continue reading EGO