Looking for Love – Why We Seek Relationship

Relationship is natural to all of us. We are social beings, and each of us are drawn to companionship in some form or another. For most of us there is a yearning for connection, often romantic in nature. We seek someone to love and to love us in return. We find pleasure in sharing our … Continue reading Looking for Love – Why We Seek Relationship

Independent in Love

In a previous article entitled “Freedom in Relationships” I talked about the importance of respecting one another’s personal freedom by not imposing rules, restrictions and obligations.  I talked before about freedom in relationship.  Today I want to elaborate more on maintaining personal independence while in a relationship. What I mean is that so many of us look … Continue reading Independent in Love

Restoring Balance Between the Masculine and Feminine

It would seem, in most cultures, that we derive much of our personal identity from our biological sex.  And in such cultures there are strong divisions between men and women regarding societal roles and behavior.  These gender roles are conditioned in us from such an early age that we grow to assume that they are natural.  … Continue reading Restoring Balance Between the Masculine and Feminine

Dealing with Difficulties in Relationships

When it comes to romantic relationships one of the most common fantasies we have is that we’re going to find our perfect partner and live happily ever after.  We imagine a relationship in which everything runs smoothly, where there is no conflict, no agitation, no disappointment.  We imagine that every moment spent with our partner … Continue reading Dealing with Difficulties in Relationships