Everyone is seeking happiness, yet it often seems fleeting or elusive. We have made it something to be acquired or achieved, someplace to arrive at. We have projected it into the future. But the question is why not be happy right here, right now?

How to Help Awaken Others

A lot of people ask, "How do I share my spirituality with those close to me?" (family, friends or a romantic partner).. It might be especially difficult if they seem uninterested or antagonistic toward Spirituality. So how can you get through to them in a way that might be more effective? How can you help … Continue reading How to Help Awaken Others

Wandering Aimlessly in Life

Do you sometimes feel as though you're wandering aimlessly in life with no clear sense of direction?  Do you wonder what is your purpose?  What is the very meaning of life?  Perhaps you feel lost, but are you truly lost or are you merely lost in thought?

Why You Haven’t Found Your Soulmate… and Likely Never Will

According to a recent survey, roughly 73% of the (U.S.) population believes in soulmates.  That is, we believe there is one special person who we’re meant to be with for the rest of our lives.  But more than this, we believe that this person will be our perfect match in every way.  And we will … Continue reading Why You Haven’t Found Your Soulmate… and Likely Never Will